From left to right:  Matthew, Norm, Elizabeth and Willie 1983


our roots

Roundup Seasoning was developed by Norm Eggen, a Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to be used to compliment all types of meat. It was made popular in the 1980's through many events at Cal Poly University and downtown San Luis Obispo through Norm's store "Old Country Deli". 

This article made Roundup Seasoning famous and as they say - the rest is history.

Old Country Deli closed its doors in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA  in February of 2007 after 24 years in business. 

Norm passed away in March of 2012.His children are happy to continue producing Roundup Seasoning in two varieties now: Original and MSG free. We have changed the name from Rib Roundup to Roundup Seasoning to help not limit how folks use it. Roundup seasoning is great for your favorite steak, burger, lamb, chicken, pork and ribs. We even like it on french fries, eggs and popcorn. And it is the prefect seasoning for your favorite bechemel. 

Roundup Seasoning is sold in several retail locations in San Luis Obispo county. If you are interested in buying from us on a wholesale level please send us an email at 

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